About NuPlank

The staff at NuPlank have a combined 75+ years’ experience in the Commercial Door & Hardware, Glass & Glazing Industries, and Installation of Commercial Entry Systems.  We at NuPlank continually strive to exceed our customer expectations of the typical commercial entry system. Whether it be existing hollow metal replacement, storefront renovation, or new construction, let NuPlank be a part of your next commercial project.  With four available quality pre-determined hardware packages for most applications, and three convenient  finish options for quick turnaround, NuPlank is the obvious choice to meet the needs of your end-user client.

Our Story

With an extensive background in commercial glazing we have struggled to find an economical solution for a widely used exterior door application, the hollow metal steel door. Architects, building owners, maintenance professionals, and commercial glaziers will all agree that aluminum doors are better suited for exterior applications than the traditional steel doors found on most commercial buildings. The options for aluminum flush doors have historically been limited and generally viewed as not cost effective, UNTIL NOW!

At NuPlank we strive to produce a high quality flush aluminum door at a very competitive price so that building owners can reap the benefits of reduced maintenance costs and costly premature replacement. We offer our doors blank for site specific hardware applications or you can choose from one of our pre-determined hardware sets. We offer high quality grade 1 hardware in all of our hardware sets to withstand the abuses our doors may face.

One other struggle in the past has been the extensive lead times associated with acquiring flush aluminum doors. NOT ANY MORE! We have tailored our approach to offer doors in as little as 10 days from order to ship. There is no need to accept the long lead times for a flush aluminum door any longer.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our products or if you would like to receive a quote. We would love to be a part of your project.